What are the benefits and uses of Turquoise?

What are the benefits and uses of Turquoise?

Let’s discover together its origin, its history and its many benefits and properties.

To give you a preview of what will follow, keep in mind that this stone will help you to control your thoughts and each of your actions better. Be attentive to what it has to tell you, this is how you can become aware of all of your potential !


Origins and History

From the past…

First, some Turquoise jewels dated from 6 000 years BC have been found in Egypt.

Then, the quality of Turquoise has been recognized at the time of the Persians, where they have been used as early as 5000 years B.C. Ever since, it has been sought after for its very special color.

At the time, it was used as a talisman against evil eye.

In America, it was a sacred stone that was used as a currency. Then, many mosaics, sculpted objects and other treasures have been created and have marked the former occupation of the Indians in West America.

To today…

The native American and Navajos people are making some beautiful jewels with this stone. They associate perfectly silver and Turquoise and sell their jewels throughout the world.

What does « Turquoise » mean ?

The one who introduced turquoise in Europe are the Venetian merchants. They were convinced that this stone was coming from Turkey, they considered it as « the Turkish stone ». You may have noticed that some letters from « Turkey » can be found in the word Turquoise. Later on, it gave its name to the color that we all know : Turquoise blue.  


Mineralogical characteristics

Turquoise is a stone easy to recognize thanks to its blue or greenish color. It came back on the market a lot these last few years, it can be found in a lot of Tibetan jewels and in Miao craftsmanship. It goes perfectly with the silver color.


This stone has a density of 2,6 to 2,8 and a hardness between 5 and 6 on Mohs’ scale.

Where to find Turquoise ?

This stone is a aluminium and copper phosphate. Nowadays, unfortunately, a lot of its deposits are empty. The ones which still exist are mainly located in China, Mexico, Iran, the United States and Tibet. The most famous and ancient deposit is the Ali-mersai mount, located in the Khorasan province, in Iran.


The different colors and types of Turquoise

Light blue, dark azure blue, dark green or apple green… the different colors of Turquoise are numerous, as well as the different shapes and sizes that it can take. Its colors depend mostly on its component, the more copper there is and the more blue the Turquoise will be.

The stones are often marked with a few cracks (darker veins) that simply show the presence of other minerals. This is actually what make each stone so unique!


Properties and benefits in Lithotherapy

As we have seen it just before, there are many types of Turquoise, it is therefore impossible to make a complete list of all the properties associated to this stone.

However, we will talk about the main ones, so you can be aware of the powers of this stone. You should not choose a stone randomly, it is therefore important that you feel connected to it and that its symbol is connected to values that are in line with you.


On the physical side

No matter the way you wear it, Turquoise is a stone of protection and blessing for the one who wears it. It will :

  • Reinforce your eyes, your liver and your glands.
  • Regenerates tendon and ligaments tears.
  • Help the body to fight against virus and bacteriological infections.
  • Detox your organism by wearing it as a necklace or a bracelet, it gets rid of the toxins in your body, coming from food, alcohol and pollution.
  • Fight headaches and migraines.
  • Regulate eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia and limit the acidity excess.
  • Reduce problems linked to the breathing system, such as asthma, throat or poumon pains. It will also serve as a protection against hay fever!

On the psychic and psychological side

This stone has a great power, it can adapt to the heart and spirit of the person who wears it. It remains in continuous symbiosis with the cosmos and humanity. You can notice its numerous power to :

  • Absorb negativity and turn it into positive waves. Turquoise helps to fight against negativity and to align your Chakras.
  • Give back the love of life and the strength to follow one’s dreams. To get rid of depression and feel more calm, you can sleep with a Turquoise.
  • Find a more quiet sleep and keep nightmares away.
  • Protect yourself during your travels. You may have heard that airlines employees or sailors always bring a Turquoise with them… it acts as a protection against accidents.
  • Make communication easier. Whether it is for stammering (for children, place the stone 10 minutes each day on the throat Chakra) or a fear when speaking in public, this stone will help you to feel more confident in oral communication.
  • Boost your inspiration and creativity. Some say that this stone is also very useful to help writers and artists’ creations.

How to clean and look after my Turquoise?

As many other stones, it is essential to take care of your Turquoises and to keep an attentive eye on the state of your stones.

Recharging my Turquoise

You just have to place it under the moonlight.

Your stone is changing color? Is becoming darb?

In this case, you should simply give it its “freedom” back, by putting it back in the earth. It is the sign that it is exhausted and has nothing to give you anymore. We then say that it is “off”.


To go further…

Astrological signs

This stone will be very beneficial for the Scorpio sign, but also for the : Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces and Aquarius.

Turquoise and associated Chakras

This stone is mostly associated with the neck and throat Chakras.

Placed on the heart Chakra, it reinforces friendship and love, while easing the anger.  

But also :

Do you know that this stone is associated with the 18th wedding anniversary? Indeed, after 18 years of marriage, it is usual to celebrate the Turquoise wedding anniversary!

One last piece of advice! To keep the benefits of your stone, avoid any contact with high heat, water and household products, that could make your stone dry.


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