How to take care of your Tibetan Mala and Prayer Beads?

How to take care of your Tibetan Mala and Prayer Beads?

This is a question that we regularly get and, if you are here, you are probably also looking for informations about how to clean and take care of your Mala.

As we have discovered it in previous articles, a Tibetan Mala is used as prayer beads and can be worn around the wrist or as a necklace.
It is made of 108 beads and can be used during meditation session, yoga, or just as a fashion accessory.

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Now let’s talk about the subject of the day : How to take care of you Tibetan Mala?


Let's begin...

One thing is sure, we never choose a Mala randomly. It is a reflection of what we are and it accompanies us every day, in our pursuit of well-being and relaxation.

To take care of your Mala, is to take care of yourself. You should look after it regularly, in a physical and spiritual way.

Therefore, there are some rules to follow and some things to avoid if you want to keep your Mala efficient and beautiful.


Some basic rules

You shall use your Mala regularly

At LYS Jewelry, we are convinced that one of the best ways to take care of your Mala is to use it regularly. You can of course wear it as often as possible, but also touch its beads often.

How to touch its bead? You should pass the 108 beads of your Mala between your fingers. It can be done while reciting mantras for example.

This action polishes the stone or the wood stones of your Mala naturally, allowing to reveal the properties of the material used and to bring out the inside jewel.

Exposition in the sunshine or the moonlight

Whether your Mala is made of wood or semi-precious stones, it will appreciate to be under the sun or the moonlight for a few hours.
A little something extra ? If your Mala is made out of wood, it will also revive its scent !

We advise you to get interested in lithotherapy, which is a method to get cured by stones. This way, you will know if the stones or the wood your Mala is made of need the sunlight or the moonlight to regenerate.

For this reason, we are working on different articles to introduce the properties and benefits of the stones and the different type of woods. About every two weeks, you will discover the presentation of a new natural material.

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Pure and clean water

To avoid for wood Malas of course ! For stone Malas, once more, you should follow the recommendations given by lithotherapy.
Purification through water is often recommended, because it is both simple and efficient. In order to do so, we should use a lightly salted water, since salt helps the minerals to regenerate and to uncharge negative energies.
However, you should be careful, because some stone do not like water ! It is the case of the garnet for example, azurite, pyrite and many others…

Incent smoke/fumes

During meditation, it is recommended to burn some incense in order to settle one’s practice, to increase one’s focus and calm the mind.
It is an excellent routine to take care of your Mala’s beads. Indeed, they will absorb the incense smoke and each bead will soak its smell.
Sandalwood or Oud wood, cones, sticks or spirales , this is according to your preferences ! What matter is not the incense but the intention that you will bring to its purification. Discover all our natural incenses.

Sounds’ vibrations

Through a song, a music, the recitation of a mantra or the use of a singing Tibetan bowl, each of the sounds will be transmitted to the Mala. The vibration will purify your prayer beads.


To go further

If you wish to make an optimal and really beneficial use of your Mala, there are some steps to follow :
·       Have it blessed beforehand by a Lama ;
·       Then bless it yourself to give it all your energy ;
·       Clean your hands and your Mala before using it.

What to avoid

You shall not shower with your Mala

This is an advice that you must absolutely follow if your Mala is made of wooden beads. Indeed, if you bath or shower, the water may seep in the wood and make it swell.
For the same reason, avoid storing it in a humid place or full of negative waves.

You shall not lend your Mala

Your Mala is associated to the warmth of your body and your mind, it is dependant of you in some way.
Therefore, you should avoir leaving your Mala in the hands of someone else.

You shall not play with your Mala

It is tempting to play with the beads of our Mala when we get nervous.
However, we advise you to hold your Mala in your hands only when reciting a mantra or to place it around your neck or wrist.
Don’t play with it at other times and do not try to have everyone notice it.
A Mala is a private accessory, keep an humble attitude towards it.

You shall not put it on the floor

If possible, avoid to put it right on the floor or at a level beneath you.
These last three points are to avoid only if your Mala has been blessed and has a real meaning to you. If you wear it as a jewel, these points are discretionary.


My Mala broke down, what can I do ?

This is a very personal advice, but if your Mala breaks because you have used it a lot, we advise you not to use it anymore and not to try to fix it. We believe that it means that it has reached its limits and that it got too much attention.

You can rather see it as an occasion to purchase a new one and to give yourself some new goals to achieve !

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This is how I end my explanations about how to clean and take care of your Tibetan Mala. I hope that I have helped you to understand it better…



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