What is tiger eye stone and its benefits ?

What is tiger eye stone and its benefits ?

Some History

In Mesopotamia

We know that the Tiger Eye stone was already known and called : Oculus Belus (Belus’ eye), referring to the greatest Babylonian god Bellus-Marduk.


During the Roman empire, the legionaries have discovered Tiger Eye in Corwall’s mines in England. The soldiers decided then to wear them as amulets to protect themselves from injuries and swords during the battles.  

Later in the Middle Age

Tiger Eye is used to push away curses and bad spirits.

At the beginning of the XIXth century

The Tiger Eye stone is discovered in South Africa. It is first considered as a gemstone and it is sold for very high prices. Later on, other deposits are found and it becomes a semiprecious stone. It is then more and more used in jewelry and decoration objects.


Mineralogical characteristics

different color of tiger eye stones

Tiger Eye is a mineral from the Quartz family. More specifically, it is considered as a micro-crystalline, which means that its crystals are visible to the naked eye.  

In physics, this stone is part of the Oxyds and its very complex chemical formula is SiO2.

The colors of this mineral are numerous, it varies from yellow-brown to golden brown with many reflections, depending on the light beams and the observation angle.

Its hardness is 7 on the Mohs’ scale and it has a 2,68 density.

Its structure is fibrous, which can be explain by the presence at the origin of another mineral, called crociodilit. With time, the crociodilit dissolve and the quartz crystals take position, following the original fibrous structure. The mineral decomposition leaves some iron oxide residues and the sparkling zones appear, with brown/yellow colors, characteristic of Tiger Eye.

The biggest Tiger Eye deposits can be found in South Africa and Sri Lanka. There are also other mines in Australia, Brasil, the United States, India and Myanmar.


Properties in lithotherapy (crystal healing)

In lithotherapy, Tiger Eye stone is a symbol of protection. It protects both from bad waves and from other’s bad intentions. This is why it is recommended to always carry it and to have it in one’s house.

Tiger Eye is connected to earth and stability, it balances our body, mind, and help us to fill ourselves with positive energy. It is the mineral that help you to reach your goal and to draw on your ressources to always go further. It acts as a mirror, helping you to be aware of your quality and flaws.

It acts as a shield, blocking negative energy and sending it back to the person who produced it. It also helps to make discontent and depression disappear, by harmonizing yin and yang at best.

Tiger Eye is a stone whose benefits are numerous, on the body, spirituality and relationships. This is what we are going to see now.


Benefits of the Tiger Eye stone

natural tiger eye stone

As seen before, Tiger Eye acts a protective element by pushing away threats and helping you to focus on your well-being and your goals. This stone is going to act on different levels :  

On the body

All the stone’s energy will reduce or even make disappear some pains felt in your body, it will :

  • Relieve your joints problems, such as knee pain, arthritis, rheumatism… and therefore help sports practice.  
  • Regulate the endocrine glands, especially the suprarenal gland (pancreatic gland and pituitary gland).
  • Reinforce metabolism : speeds up the repair of fractures and the tissue regeneration, reduces asthma crises, activates digestive functions…
  • Help digestion by activating the digestive functions, such as biliary and regulates the nervous system.
  • Help the alignment of the spine
  • Reduce mental fatigue

On the spiritual and relational facet

It is a protective stone that allows to :

  • Not let oneself overwhelmed by negative emotions, by the person or places’ energies
  • To focus on our own feelings and beliefs
  • To overcome our fears and assert ourselves more easily (self-confidence)
  • Reduce stress and have a more optimistic vision
  • Fight depression and regulate emotions
  • Maximise focus, during exam for example
  • Improve comprehension and acceptation
  • Fight shyness and withdrawal into oneself
  • Harmonize Yin and Yang energies

It also keeps away black magic, bad eye and negative energy, whether it has been sent voluntarily or not. It sends back the energies to the one who emitted them, acting as a real shield.


Purification and recharging

In order to keep all the benefits and all its energy, it is important to clean one’s Tiger Eye stone regularly.

In order to do so, we recommend you different things.

As for all quartz, it is necessary to plunge the stone several hours in water in order to purify it energetically. In order to do so, fill a glass or earth container with salted or demineralized water and put your stone inside for at least 3 hours.

For more efficacity, you should then recharge it by exposing it a few hours in natural light : in the morning sun (from dawn) or in the moonlight (preferably when the moon is full).

Be careful, Tiger Eye can be damaged by acids or too high temperature.


To go further...

Star signs

Some astrological signs are particularly reactive to the benefits of this stone : Leo, Gemini, Virgo et Capricorn.

Associated Chakras

Several Chakras can be associated to Tiger Eye : the Root Chakra (Muladhara), the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) and the 3rd eye Chakra (Ajna).

Tiger Stone in all its forms

In order to benefit from all its properties, you can wear Tiger Eye as a jewel. You can also bring more energy to your house by putting an important stone at the entrance of your house. Do not hesitate to leave a small stone in a corner of your car.


Now you know most of the characteristics of the Tiger Eye. I will offer you new articles about other semi precious stones. In the meantime, you can discover some of Tiger Eye Stones Malas & Prayer beads from our collections. 


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