All our jewels are delivered with a professional cleaning kit and a lifetime warranty card in order to ensure that your Malas will last and and stay beautiful for years.

How to use and to take care of your Mala?
No matter how you intend to use your Mala, please note that a Mala is a private accessory. Malas can be used for different purposes: Spirituality, Yoga, Mediation, Fashion… This choice is at your discretion!

What to avoid?
A few basic rules to know about your Mala…
  • You shall not shower/swim with your Mala: As all our Malas contain precious metals, we recommend not to shower/swim with it.
  • You shall not lend your Mala: Your Mala is dependent of you. It is connected to you, your body and your mind. Hence, it is better not to share it.
  • You shall not play with your Mala: Your Mala is a Spiritual and Private accessory. You should keep a humble attitude towards it.
  • You shall not put it on the floor: Your Mala has been blessed. If possible, avoid putting it on the floor or at a level beneath you.
How to cleanse your Mala?
If you feel your Mala is not sending the right vibrations and positive energy that you need, it might be a sign that it is time to cleanse your Mala. Here are a few methods to do it:
  • Exposition in the sunshine or the moonlight (don’t leave them too long to avoid color fading)
  • Burning incense in the presence of your Mala
  • Sounds’ vibrations (singing bowl or chanting)
  • Surround your Mala with Crystal
  • Rinse your Mala in the sea/ocean or in a bowl of clean warm water with a touch of sea salt (we don’t recommend this method as your Mala contain precious metals
  • Those different techniques will help to recharge your Mala and release the unwanted and negative vibrations from it.