The Yin & Yang Collection - Obsidian & Sandalwood Mala

  • Obsidian & Sandalwood Mala Prayer Beads - Mala Prayer Beads
  • Obsidian & Sandalwood Mala Prayer Beads - Mala Prayer Beads
  • Obsidian & Sandalwood Mala Prayer Beads - Mala Prayer Beads
  • Obsidian & Sandalwood Mala Prayer Beads - Mala Prayer Beads

The Yin & Yang Collection - Obsidian & Sandalwood Mala

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The Yin & Yang Collection is inspired by the Taoism philosophy to remind that all energies are interconnected.

Obsidian is one of the most enigmatic and enticing stones on the planet. It has been revered for both its physical and metaphysical properties since the days of our oldest ancestors. The stone is infused with the power of the volcano, forged as it is by rapidly cooling lava. Golden Obsidian is of an even rarer kind, possessing a golden sheen that occurs when gas bubbles are caught among the cooling magma.

Pure 999 Silver is used to enhance this Mala in the form of a faceted bead, embossed with our LYS logo. When combined with other stones in jewelry it adds extra strength to their powers. This makes bracelets and prayer beads where gemstones are combined with silver powerful aids when practicing meditation, mindfulness, and yoga.

For centuries, jewelry made of sandalwood has been seen as a way of bringing happiness and tranquility to the wearer while the soothing fragrance of sandalwood gives off a subtle peaceful energy. Traditional medicines have long seen the benefits of sandalwood for restoring mental clarity and relaxing calmness as well as for its energizing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a powerful aid to meditation.

108 bead Malas are also known as prayer beads, Buddhist, rosary or meditation beads and, for centuries, have been used as tools for private meditation or prayer. Our malas are composed of 108 beads plus one guru bead. They are long enough to wrap three to four times around the wrist, although our designs can also be worn as necklaces.

Stone : Golden Obsidian Beads
Beads Size : 8mm / 0.3 inches
Metal : Pure 999 Fine Silver Bead
Wood : Natural Sandalwood
Size (Total Length) : 88cm / 35 inches

Please note that all our Mala Bracelets and Prayer Beads, including the materials, are handcrafted and each one possesses its own unique characteristics. Therefore the color, shape and size may vary slightly.

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